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Community-based Research and Development:

·         GTZ – Participatory Devleopment Programme PDP Unit in Cairo, Egypt for the following (2008 – 2010):

o    Advantages and disadvantages of living in informal areas: : The case of Boulaq al-Dakrour.

o    Evidence-based guidelines for the improvement of informal areas.

·         Community Development Company in Al-Darb Al-Ahmar for the design and implementation of the “Post Implementation Survey” as part of the impact assessment of Phase II of the ADAA Revitalization Project started by the Agha Khan Cultural Services-Egypt in 1998  (2009).

·         Oikodrom Institute in Vienna Austria / MIMAR, Egypt for the HAMMAM, Human Aspects and Multidisciplinary Methods of Analysis for the Meditterainean region project. Grant Awarded by the European Community (EU). Exploring the contemporary meaning of the traditional hammam, developing an experiencial typology, explore the contemporary demand and challenges (2005 – 2008).

·         Center for  Development Services CDS for the Design of the Base-line Survey for Informal Settlements Upgrading of the City of Alexandria. World Bank financed project (2005).

·         Agha Khan Cultural Services-Egypt for the following (1998 – 2005):

o    Housing Rehabilitation Consultant: Initiation studies (affordablity, willingness, lifestyle assessment, and social surveys), HR Program development (financing, implementation procedure, implementation strategies), Post-occupancy evaluation and support.

o    Participatory design (Tablita vegetable Market in Al-Azhar, residential and workshop buildings),

o    Open space Redevelopment Program;

o    Environmental Program for Rooftop Rehabilitation

o    Baseline and post implementation surveys for all development project sectors.

o    Development of the Monitoring and Evaluation tools for all development project sectors.

Research Projects

·         UN-HABITAT Gender Unit, Nairobi, Kenya for the regional report titled ‘Assessment of Gender Mainstreaming in Local Governance in the Arab States.’ (2008 – 2010).

·         University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), USA for the research project ‘Conflicting Claims to Multi-functional Historic Zones: The historic cemetery of al-suyuti in Cairo, Egypt’ funded by a Getty collaborative research grant. Member of a multi-disciplinary research team (2008 – 2009).

·         Delta Association for Responsive Architecture for the research project ‘Utilizing Palm mid-ribs for Small Industries funded by the Social Research Center, AUC (2002 – 2003). Consultant for community aspects.

·         Institut de Recherche et Development IRD for the ‘Evaluation of Pedestrianization Projects in Downtown Cairo’ an independent study – part of a larger research project “Heritage Conservation and Management in Egypt and Syria – HERCOMANNES” (2001 –  2002).


Design and Planning:

·         Planning and design of Sheikh Khalifa City based on the principles of sustainable, green and livable community planning, urban design and architecture principles. Team member in a Limited Competition (2009).

·         General Organization for Physical Planning (GOPP) for the Preservation of the Urban Heritage in Cairo Project: Garden City Area (1998 – 2002).

Design Guidelines

·         Ministry of Social Solidarity as part-time advisor to the Minister of Social Solidarity (2009 – present):

Research-based development of design guidelines and licensure requirements for:

o    Street Children Hosting Facilities 

o    Daycares and Early childhood homeless shelters.

o    Women development Centers

Post-Occupancy Evaluation POE of existing operating facilities

Architectural Program development for new facilities.

Assessment and Rehabilitation plans for existing unused facilities.

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